Thought it’s high time I got myself a craft blog after posting that stuff all over the internet for years now. (Next stop on my way to becoming a crazy knitting cat lady: a cat.) I’ve been to Budapest recently, and everytime I visit this city I spent an extraordinary amount of money because I want to have EVERYTHING there. The fabric is from a store at Szent István körút, the yarn from 1001fonal on Tátra utca. I bought both the little stuffed owl (a gift for my goddaughter) and the ring at the Wamp Design Fair on Erzsébet tér. The posters were a gift from my friend – they had been hanging in the Swiss embassy in Budapest until she got them and now she was looking for a new home for them. I couldn’t say no to James and Marilyn, could I? (Click on the pictures to enlarge them.)


One thought on “Budapest

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