I’ll Inspire A Lot Of People To Drink Wine, Though

I usually prefer dresses with wide skirts, but one needs some variety in one’s life, no? I like this dress (pattern here) in theory, but ran into some difficulties while making it. The pattern is for petite sizes, which are for women under 1.64m; I’m 1cm taller so I figured it wouldn’t be a problem. However, the charts for converting normal sizes into petite sizes I found on the internet were confusing to say the least. I ended up making a size 17 (which should be normal size 34), but as it turns out I should have chosen petite size 18/normal size 36 for a better fit. You live and learn!



I added the green fabric at the sleeves and the pockets for contrast. Initially I wanted to do the same at the neckline, but since it was such a major pain in the ass to do I gave up on that plan. (If someone had a tutorial how to do that properly, I’d be eternally grateful.) But all in all, I’m pleased with the way it turned out. πŸ™‚




11 thoughts on “I’ll Inspire A Lot Of People To Drink Wine, Though

  1. I have had that dress bookmarked for a while but now I have seen yours it has moved much further up the list. The fabric and trim you have chosen emphasises all the lovely design elements about this dress. You did a fabulous job. I love it!


  2. This dress is perfect for you! You look amazing! You really make me want to give this pattern a try, although I know it won’t be as spectacular on me. Are you going to make other versions of it? I can’t really see any of the fit problems that you mention, though, regarding picking a petite size when you are not. xo Adrienne from allastyleandallsubstance.com


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