Astronomer (Birthday/Christmas Presents 2/10)

I adore knitwear for babies and children! But I’m too slow for it. Everytime I finish something for my goddaughter, she has already outgrown it or will in approx. 2 seconds. This time though she’ll have to try very hard, because I can wear that hat! It’s unfortunate that it ended up being so big, but I figure a) she can grow into it and b) her ears will definitely be covered in winter!

I used the Astronomer pattern, which is totally easy and fun! I knitted the hat up in an evening while watching The Avengers. Also, what a great way to make a stockinette stitch hem that doesn’t roll up! The green yarn is Wolle RΓΆdel Soft-Merino and the pink some leftover Lana Grossa Cool Wool Merino Big Solid/Uni. (What a name!)


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