In Which A Sock Is Named After A City (Birthday/Christmas Presents 5/10)

I hate to say this, but I had no fun whatsoever making these socks. Now that they’re finished and blocked, I think they turned out rather pretty – I guess this is one of the projects where blocking makes all the difference, because by Zeus! did they look terrible when they were still on my needles, and that takes all the fun out of knitting. The pattern is called Hannover Socks, although I’m not exactly sure why they’re named after that particular city. Are the streets that curvy there? In that case I’d rather not drive a car in Hannover should I ever make it there.

Anyway, this is a gift for my mum’s birthday. I hope they’ll fit her – she doesn’t have the same shoe size as me, so I made them slightly too big for my feet. Glorious will be the day when I don’t get all anxious about getting the right size because I’ve become such a pro knitter that I can estimate it from just one look!


6 thoughts on “In Which A Sock Is Named After A City (Birthday/Christmas Presents 5/10)

  1. I’m thinking of making these socks, and yours look grand now, so thanks for the heads-up that they may look grotty on the needles- I’ll persevere (and I’m sure your mother will love them!).


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