You Can, In Fact, Knit Too Much


This is the Christmas gift for my Grandma: the February Lady Socks. I had this gorgeous soft 75% merino/25% nylon yarn in white that seemed perfect for something snow-like, and I really like this lace pattern: it’s easy to memorize and looks so pretty! I should’ve been done with them real quick, but I mixed up the cm/inch specifications so I started the toe way too late and had to rip out five centimeters on the first sock. Stupid! Since I also had to finish the last-minute gifts for my aunt and uncle, that left me with one afternoon for the second socks. I managed to knit it in about five hours, but my hands were shaking so much from strain afterwards that I couldn’t even properly gift-wrap it! Still pretty proud of this speed-knitting, though. πŸ˜›

Snowflakes 2

Snowflakes 3


5 thoughts on “You Can, In Fact, Knit Too Much

  1. Wow! They turned out great! I’m pretty addicted to that lace pattern…just used it on a pair of gloves and currently have a pair of leg warmers on my needles with the same pattern. It is wonderfully easy to memorize…one can knit it while watching movies and still feel you’ve done something spectacular and complicated ;^ Good for the soul!


    1. Thank you! Oh, I know what you mean about the sock patterns. Half of my ravelry queue is sock patterns … I’m pretty much in love with Janel Laidman’s Selkie sock pattern from her The Enchanted Sole collection at the moment.


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