Look at my brand new apron!


This was originally supposed to be a stash-busting project. I had this pink fabric lying around for such a long time I actually forgot for which project I bought it. Then I decided I needed an apron. Then I decided I needed a pretty apron!  I barely resisted the temptation to plaster bows and ribbons and all that girly stuff all over the poor thing. It was very hard to hold back, I can assure you.


I added contrasting fabric from Ikea,  black bows and black lace. I love lace! It’s my favourite thing ever. (I apologize for the crumpled state the apron is in, by the way, but it got ruffled in my suitcase and I don’t have a pressing iron in my apartment.) Initially, I was afraid the two fabrics would clash, but I think the two of them work really well together! Let’s just say I’m very, very pleased with the result. I’ll never cook again without my apron! I used this (free!) pattern from Burda.

Schürze 5

Schürze 4

Schürze 3


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