Origami Bows! Yay!

Paper Bows!

Hello there! It’s Monday, not Thursday! But guess what? I’m still going to post! Wohoo!

Well, it’s mostly because I’m toiling over a paper about Russian worker strikes from the late 19th century to the Stalin era, and my poor soul is crumpling up and slowly dying from desperation (I’m kidding, but I gotta say it’s not the most uplifting topic) so I need to craft shit. And ever since I discovered How About Orange, which is my Favourite Thing On The Internet right now, I’m sort of obsessed with origami. I’m not the most patient person (says the knitter, I know, but that’s different), also my fine motor skills are woefully underdeveloped, so I’m probably gonna give up on this in one week’s time, but so far it’s awesome. Look at that bow! Isn’t it the most precious thing? If you want to try your hand at it, the tutorial over at Let’s Create is really easy to follow. Have fun!

What kind of crafting are you obsessed with right now?


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