An IPad Case … Or Not


My mother always has modern gadgets about five years before I even think about owning one. I’m slow like that. Anyway, it does make for good opportunities for handmade gifts; these gadgets need cozy little homes, after all.



I found this e-Reader cover pattern via How About Orange on Craftbuds. It’s a good tutorial, well-written and easy to understand IF you actually read the instructions. Which I didn’t. Because instructions are overrated, right? It’s an easy pattern, right? I can wing that, right?


Yeah, so my mom’s ipad doesn’t fit into this ipad bag. She told me she liked it nevertheless, but I suppose she had to say that. I’m a bit angry at myself, because if I had followed the measurements given in the tutorial, that wouldn’t have happened. Instead, I looked up the ipad measurements on Wikipedia and then cut out the fabric according to that; a lot more work than actually reading the instructions, but apparently I wasn’t thinking very clearly that day.



tl;dr I’m an idiot. I’ll probably make a second attempt at this when I’m not angry at myself just thinking about this disaster anymore.



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