A Noble Cowl for Swanje


My friend Swanje had her birthday recently. I wanted to give her something handmade – these days, when I can find the time and there’s not another obvious choice that I know the person will love, I tend to go the handmade presents route. It’s just so much more personal and special. That also means you have to choose the right colour and design that the person will love, because ideally they should want to wear your present, too, right?


In Swanje’s case I went with Emily Kausalik’s Noble Cowl, a pattern I’ve coveted for a while now. (I totally get why it’s such a popular pattern, by the way. The instructions are clear and it such a quick knit without being boring!) It’s pretty, but not too girly, and casual yet stylish. Β The blue colour is fun but not flashy, and also I think it looks great on her! I choose a cotton yarn so she’d be able to wear the cowl in summer. Plus, it’s easier to to wash than other kinds of fibers!


This was the first time I was actually behind the camera for project pictures. It was pretty exciting! I needn’t have worried at all, though, because Swanje just exudes effortless, cheerful charisma. (Unlike me, who always feels somewhat stressed in front of a camera.) Thanks for modelling the cowl, Swanje, this photo shoot was fun! We took these pictures in front of the university cafeteria, by the way, just before the Swiss and French football fans started to arrive to watch their respective games.


Pattern: A Noble Cowl by Emily Kausalik

Yarn: Mille Fili by Wolle RΓΆdel


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