WIP Wednesday


Soo remember my last WIP Wednesday? I never finished anything mentioned there except for the owls sweater. πŸ˜› This time, I’m going to be more conservative and just post a picture of the project I’m currently working on every day. It’s from A Stitch in Time Vol. 1 (of course it is), the pattern’s called To Wear with a Summer Suit. I didn’t actually plan to knit this pattern, tbh. I just found a lovely linen blend in pale yellow on sale in my LYS and it seemed like the perfect combination for a light, breezy summer sweater!

I didn’t give up on sewing, either: I’ve been trying my hand at sewing shorts for a while now. Maybe I’ll write a post about the disastrous results, but ugh. Shorts are dead to me.

Grumpy Cat

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7 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday

    1. Oh, I definitely will! It’s a really quick knit, too, so it shouldn’t be too long. πŸ™‚ Thank you for your comment!

      Heh, Grumpy Cat’s expression sometimes encapsulates perfectly how I feel! πŸ˜€


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