WIP Wednesday: Not That Much Progress

I’m afraid I haven’t made much progress on my To Wear With A Summer Suit jumper after blogging about it last week. Problem is, I didn’t get gauge even though I’m knitting this on smaller needles; this wasn’t such a big deal for the back piece, I just had to shorten the row count of the moss stitch pattern. The front piece isn’t that easy though because I have to recalculate the row numbers for the button band and the neckline decreases.

Most of my crafting time this week was spent with this hat for my friend Peiyi. I hope to get better pictures soon, preferably with the intended recipient wearing it. πŸ™‚

I’m not quite ready to snap some pictures of the Great Shorts Disaster of 2014, but here’s a picture of a pair of shorts I had to take apart completely after I had a brainfart and sewed them together the wrong way. (sigh) I should go back to dress making, it’s better for my blood pressure!

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5 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Not That Much Progress

  1. Your jumper is looking really nice! Makes me want to make something more from ‘A Stitch in Time’ now. And I totally sympathise with your shorts disaster; I just made a pair of trousers (my first in 2 years!) and it went HORRIBLY wrong.


    1. Thank you! I’m done with the front and back pieces now and basted them together – I really love how it looks and can’t wait to wear it! Unfortunately, the sleeves are a real chore to knit. Moss stitch isn’t very entertaining. :/


  2. You made way much more progress on knitting than me this Summer! I didn’t even take a look towards my yarn box… I should rethink my attitude after my vacation, in September. *^o^*
    Sorry to hear about the shorts disaster, I made the same mistake while making the trousers for Robert, lucky me it was only a trial version from the piece of old linen. When I started to put together the wool pieces I checked everything five times!… *^v^*


    1. Then again, you did sew a few fabulous dresses this summer, which I can’t say about me! πŸ™‚ Knitting in summer is difficult anyways, it only works with this jumper because the linen/cotton blend is so light and airy.

      Phew, it would’ve been a real shame about that gorgeous wool fabric, too! The cotton shorts are a wearable muslin, too, thankfully. I’ve wanted to see if I could achieve a better fit if I added a few centimeters here and there … we’ll see if I can muster the nerve to go on another shorts adventure!


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