Raluca’s Cowl & Adventures in Romania

If you follow me on Instagram, you know I’ve been in Romania for a week. I’ve been to Timișoara a few times over the last six years or so, but I never had as much fun there as this time. I enjoyed taking time for myself to do nothing: I spent a lot of time just strolling through the streets and sitting on a bench reading a book for an hour or two. I got the opportunity to eat some food I was craving and meet and talk to lots of lovely people! I especially enjoyed getting to talk to my friend Raluca – we usually only meet in high-stress working situations where there’s not much time to talk and get to know each other.

As a little thank you to Raluca for having me, I made her this cowl. I’ve been coveting this yarn in my LYS for quite a while now, admiring its elegance and subtle sparkle. At a later date I might make myself a jumper from the darker colourway, but for now I knew it would be perfect for Raluca. I chose a simple pattern to let the yarn shine and contrasting black buttons (after unsuccessfully trying to find matching ones). Raluca is super gorgeous anyway, but I really think the cowl suits her well, doesn’t it? Of course she’ll have to wait till winter to wear it, as right now the weather is around 25°C there. In colder temperatures the cowl will be very warm I believe as it’s so close-fitting. Anyway, I hope she’ll enjoy wearing it!


Pattern: Ripple Cowl by Rachel Bishop
Yarn: Rico Design Fashion Metallise Aran

As for what I got up to in Timișoara: I was kind of too lazy to lug my camera around everywhere, but I instagrammed everything that didn’t scream and run away in time.

Hello Romania! #travel

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Tickets for Guardians of the Galaxy, 3D, in English. Let’s all pretend I didn’t squeal every time I saw Lee Pace on screen.

Chocolate cake at Symphony Cafe.

Coffee & chocolate cake at Symphony Caffe 🙂 (Timisoara Bucket List #2)

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Catholic Cathedral:

St George Cathedral in #Timisoara. #travel #romania

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The Synagogue:

Synagogue in #Timisoara. #travel #romania

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Bought this fabulous Frida Kahlo notebook for Romanian class:

Lángos & pogácsa for dinner 😀

Finally managed to buy tickets and use public transport! (A skill set five years in the making. I am not a smart person.)

Opera at night:

Opera at night. #timisoara #travel #romania

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Met Mr. Wilde inside a bar in the student quarter:

Why hello Mr Wilde, fancy meeting you here! #timisoara #travel #oscarwilde

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Bought these sewing supplies at the store, using only Romanian – I even had an entire conversation with the salesperson in Romanian!


Spicy Tuna Salad and mint lemonade from my favourite salad place at Piata 700 (I had lunch there basically everyday):

By the way I ate at this salad place everyday and it was amaaazing: "enjoy" at Piata 700. #food #travel

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The Orthodox Cathedral from the other side of the Bega river:

Yesterday evening. #timisoara #travel #romania

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Raluca & me ❤

❤ #friends #travel #romania #timisoara

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We saw this cool band, Phaser, at Bega Bulevard on my last evening there. Alas, it was really cold and rainy and I needed to pee very very badly, so I couldn’t enjoy them as much as I wanted to.

Also we saw this cool band Phaser down at the river during #begaboulevard #timisoara #travel #romania #phaserlove

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Tea from Cărturești – one of those shops I enter and then neeeeeeeever want to leave again. They sell books as well as tea and others items for heart and soul. It’s the stuff dreams are made out of. Raluca bought me this lovely tea box. The book marks we got for free, and I totally adore them.

Back in Germany, but here's the rest of the #timisoara bucket list: tea from Carturesti. #romania #travel

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I also studied very hard in Romanian class, I don’t want to leave the impression I just frivolously spent my time on food and shopping! Personally, I look at it this way: it required speaking Romanian to get food and do shopping, so it was just practice, you see … 🙂

Last but not least: Romanian class. So much fun and such a lovely language! (#timisoara bucket list)

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