Let’s start sewing again!

Yesterday I looked at this blog and realized I haven’t sewn something since the summer … what happened?! Long story, but it made me want to sit down at my sewing machine and start a project immediately. I pulled out the parts for this Burda wrap skirt pattern (07/2014) I had already cut out last year, and got to work …


… which is, unfortunately, exactly what went wrong with this project. You see, I’ve steadily gained weight for longer than I care to admit, and a skirt that would’ve fit me back then doesn’t really fit right now. I mean, I can wiggle my wait into it alright. I just cannot sit or bend or, I don’t know, walk down stairs very comfortably. It’s okay, though. I’m hoping for warmer temperatures when I’ll be able to go running or biking again, and then I intend to lose some of the weight.

DSC03186I’m still glad I decided to try my hand at this relatively easy pattern. I’m very out of practice! I made lots of silly mistakes and had to rip out lots of seams as a result. For example, I cut out the front yoke piece upside down by accident, and then sewed the discarded front yoke to the back skirt piece instead of the, you know, back yoke piece. On the bright side, I was actually motivated enough to baste things in place and use lining and even sew the lining on by (gasp!) hand. That’s why today you get to see the inner life of one of my projects:

DSC03288 DSC03289

I should have gathered the front piece more, because it bulges at the left side seam. I just think it looks a bit awkward:


I hope I will at some point this summer be able to comfortably wear this skirt, because I think it’s pretty cute. The gathered front piece and the pleats at the yoke are really neat details! I bought the fabric at a flea market in Regensburg on Pentecost weekend. I normally don’t go for busy prints like this, but I really like the blue background colour and the contrast red. It just looks so happy and cheerful!



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