Me-Made-May ’15 – Week One

I know we’re talking about a very short week here, but I’m too excited about Me-Made-May to wait until next Sunday. ๐Ÿ˜›

Day 1

DSC03508Jumper: This one for parties
Hat: Dark Green Hatย (unblogged, link to Ravelry)

Warmย and beautiful! Though I do need more skirts to go with it. The hat I’ve come to love, even though I had my doubts about it when I made it six years ago. For whatever reason! I love how the colour looks in contrast to my hair.

Day 2

DSC03527_bearbeitetDress: Aachen Dress
Scarf: Colourblocked Scarf (unblogged)

It was Saturday, I had a paper to write and a dress to sew, so I needed something comfortable. Usually I would’ve stayed in my PJs, but in honor of Me Made May I putย on this dress. It doesn’t have a good fit, but it sure is comfortable! I had a scratchy throat after the photoshoot in the rain on the previous day, that’s why I wore this scarf. It’s one of my very first makes, knitted under the stern eye of my late grandmother. The material is cheap drugstore yarn and consequently a bit scratchy, but I still like to wear it every once in a while.

Day 3

Top: Wearable Muslin Shirt

It’s Sunday, it’s rainy, I still have a paper to write, you know the drill: in a nutshell, I didn’t intend to leave the house, so I put on my favourite sweatpants and this cotton top for maximum comfortability. Plusย bright orange IKEA slippers that I didn’t want to keep on outside; just close your eyes and imagine that colourful assault on your eyes. ๐Ÿ˜›


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