The Serbian Shawl


Remember my huge bag of goodies from Serbia? My friends Angela and Teodora gave me lots of delicious sweets and snacks plus six balls of yarn as a thank you for letting them stay at my place for a while. Obviously I ate all the sweets in like a week. The jam was used for delicous, delicious pancakes, and the home made pΓ‘linka is reserved for special occasions. I’ve been thinking about how to use the yarn for a loooong time; I’d take it out of my yarn box and browse through my Ravelry queue to dream, then put it back again. (Do you guys do that too or am I just weird?)


Eventually I ended up with the pattern I had already chosen right in the beginning. There was something so striking about the combination of grey and yellow that I kept coming back to it. It’s very modern: The grey gives it a sophisticated look while the yellow adds a cheerful vibe. I’m so glad I stuck with it! The pattern is easy to memorize andΒ incredibly addictive. Usually I’m over shawls the moment I have about 2 billion stitches on the needles, but with this one I could’ve gone on and on knitting!


The yarn is gorgeous, too. I’m not big on acrylics in general, but it feels buttery soft. The colours are lovely as well, especially that vibrant, sunny yellow! Angela and Teodora chose their gift well. πŸ™‚ Many thanks as well to my wonderful and obliging photographer Lisa ofΒ Mrs. O.Gehry And Her Curves!

Pattern:Β Great Divide Shawl by Michele Brown

Yarn: Dora by Γ–ren Bayan (DK, 100% Acrylic)


6 thoughts on “The Serbian Shawl

  1. When I read the first sentence of your post I thought you were talking about me πŸ˜€ hahaha my full name is Teodora (no “h”) LOL πŸ˜€ Beautiful shawl! You are so talented. I love reading your blog


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