Cambie Take 2 1/2: Cute But Sensible


Do you often reuse patterns? I never used to do that – there’s a world of patterns out there, I thought, I’m gonna do something new to me! The Cambie pattern, though, was a different animal altogether.



While I love my Peony Cambie, it’s a tad to0 fancy for everyday use. Luckily my friend Jasmin gave me this gingham together with the flower fabric! In combination with the pattern view B, it seemed perfect for a toned-down version of the Cambie. The fabric is a better quality than the other one, but I can’t for the life of me iron out the little creases and wrinkles. Who cares though? Ironing is severely overrated anyway.



This was my first time sewing with a checkered fabric. At first, I thought how I would match up the pattern pieces, but then I remembered I’m too lazy for that. And what do you know? They match! Miracles. I used cotton bias tape from my Stoffmarkt Holland haul to break up the gingham pattern at the pockets and the hem. The lining is from there as well; it was remarkably cheap and therefore feels predictably plastic.

Back from Munich. Totally happy about my loot! #stoffmarktholland #sewing #fabric

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During the heatwave a couple of weeks ago, it was impossible to wear the lining next to my skin; it felt like I was wearing plastic bags. As if that weren’t enough, the dress would barely fit, even though I used the same pattern pieces as in my previous version. It was so frustrating! That’s why I put it on a clothes hanger and ignored it for a few weeks. Today, thanks to more sensible temperatures, the lining felt rather pleasant and I could put on the dress without difficulties … It’s weird, yes, but what a relief, right?



After wearing it today, I can comfortably say that I’m pleased with this Cambie variation as well. I have some doubts about the length of the skirt – I’m not used to hemlines hitting below the knee – but the dress is cute without being overbearing. Just what I wanted! Now it’s time to try some other patterns … it’s not like there’s a shortage out there!



8 thoughts on “Cambie Take 2 1/2: Cute But Sensible

    1. Thank you! I can only recommend Sewaholic, the pattern instructions are amazing. It was my first time going to the Stoffmarkt, but I’ll definitely be back. All this fabric and sewing knickknack, it was just like paradise!

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