Lucky Cables


Ever since Meike taught me how to knit cables without a cable needle, I’ve been looking at the cable projects in my queue in a completely different light. Previously, I was mostly like “this looks nice, but it has cables – meh, too hard”; now I can’t wait to knit all of them!


I started with an easier project that has been in my queue for ages. There isn’t much to say about the “Lucky 7 Hat” – I think I knitted it straight from the pattern without any kind of modification. It required only one ball of this scrumptious merino blend, which is a definite plus for a perpetually broke student like me.


My friend Viktor kindly agreed to wear this hat so I could take some pictures for the blog, but he didn’t get to keep it. It was actually a present for my uncle – a companion piece for the J Squared Scarf I gave him last year for Christmas. My uncle loved it and actually hoped for colder weather so he could wear his new hat so: success all around!


Pattern: Lucky 7 Hat by weezalana

Yarn: Wolle RΓΆdel Merino Plus (Worsted, 50% Merino/50% Acrylics), 2110 schoko



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