Merry Christmas!


In my humble opinion, selfknit socks are the perfect Christmas gift. After all, what better represents the Christmas spirit than “I want you to feel warm and toasty so here’s a pair of socks to wrap your feet in”? QED.


This pair is for my uncle, who wears my knits faithfully and has therefore earned a permanent spot on the “recipient of knitted gifts” list. (Nothing better than seeing someone in something you’ve made yourself.) It’s a variation of Taylor’s Orange Toe-Up Socks which I’ve already knit twice before. I followed the pattern exactly save for the cuff: After about 11cm I interrupted the 2×2 ribbing with a CF2 on the knit stitches, following it with a CB2 on the second next row.


Happy holidays to y’all – wherever you are, I hope you feel loved, warm, peaceful and happy! Maybe you were the giver or even the recipient of handmade socks too ….? πŸ™‚


Pattern: Taylor’s Orange Toe-Up Socks by Jasmyn Cunningham, size L

Yarn: Wolle RΓΆdel Quick Socks (Worsted, 100% wool), #12348 grΓΌn


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