It really is no use


Sometimes it happens. A failed project. If, for example, you’re really excited about your vintage yarn stash and you spontaneously decide to combine a beautiful wool/linen/silk blend with a hat pattern you’ve wanted to knit for a few years now, and then you realize that the pattern doesn’t work with the yarn and vice versa. I can imagine this yarn lookingΒ gorgeous with a stockinette pattern, and the pattern looking amazing with merino yarn or even yarn with a slight halo. They do not look good together, though.


It didn’t help that the hat, knitted straight from the instructions, ends up being extremely loose. It just kinda sits on my hair. I suppose it’s find if you wanted your hat to be purely decorational, but for me it isn’t functional enough. I tried wearing it a couple of times, but my opinion didn’t change: I need warmth and I want warmth in a hat, and this one doesn’t fulfill this simple requirement. I might end up frogging this hat. I still had about a skein left after knitting this pattern, so I shouldn’t have much difficulty finding a suitable pattern in my Ravelry queue. I hope so at least.

Oh well. It happens sometimes, no use crying over spilt milk.


Pattern: Columbia Beret by Sarah Pope

Yarn: Aarlan Capri (Worsted, 60% Wool/20% Linen/20% Silk)

Photography: Dad


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