Who knew sock knitting was such an adventure?


Meike of Schnitterling, Patricia and I have been meeting up weekly for a knitting evening the last few months. It’s been extremely fun knitting together while drinking tea, eating cookies and watching the guys play videogames. (Apparently we like our conservative gender roles.) (Just kidding, I have played like 112 hours of Witcher 2 according to my Steam profile.) Ever since we started meeting like this, Meike has been on a sock knitting bender and I think she’s passed that on to me!

These socks were cast on in November, using my Grandma’s old sock yarn. Sadly, I got stuck pretty soon due to a rather silly mistake, but I didn’t get around to fixing it until the holidays. Then, I ran out of yarn. The horror! I saw myself desperately trying to find a match for 20 year old yarn. Thankfully, I found some leftovers in the same colour hidden somewhere in the depth of my Grandma’s yarn stash so I could finish the socks after all!


After these trials and tribulations, I’m glad the socks turned out so cute. I think it’s neat how the lace panel is placed on the outside edge of the sock – such a fun little design element!


Pattern: Blackrose Socks by Suzy Anvin

Yarn: Lana Grossa Meilenweit 50g Uni/Solid

Photography: Dad


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