Weekend Update: The Worst. Thing. Ever!


What is the worst thing ever, you ask? Obviously, it’s when I discovered that I had run out of yarn for my sweater! I went to the Wolle Rödel in Ulm at once, but they didn’t have the right colourway there. Two days later, I asked at their branch in Heidelberg, but they didn’t have it either and told me they couldn’t order it because the yarn was being discontinued … I then wrote an email asking if there was anyway to get one ball of the yarn (one ball! That’s all I need!). They haven’t written me back yet. 😦


Of course, I could just frog back, omit the hood, and just knit up a normal collar, but I wanted to make this pattern because of the hood. I love hoods! So now I’m sad and kind of lost my knitting mojo …


… which comes at the worst possible time, because I need to get this shrug in DROPS Baby Alpaca Silk done this month.


You see, I’m invited to a wedding at the end of June. I made myself a wonderful cocktail dress, but I need something to cover my shoulders for church. Time crunch!


So you see, even though I haven’t blogged about sewing in a while, I haven’t given up on it at all. In fact, I have several finished projects lined up for the blog! I’m starting with a rather small one the coming week, but I’m all ready to shoot the dress above plus another dress, a really lovely skirt and a thing I lovingly call “my tent”. Stay tuned!


6 thoughts on “Weekend Update: The Worst. Thing. Ever!

    1. I’ve spotted one person with one ball of the right colour in their stash, but it’s technically not for sale. I haven’t written them yet because I was kind of afraid they wouldn’t sell it so I kept putting it off. But you’re right, I should! 🙂


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