For the fourth time

Taylor’s Orange Toe-Up Socks has become my go-to pattern when it comes to knitting socks for men in a thicker yarn. This is why I can’t say much about these socks that I haven’t said before here and hereΒ except that this is the first time I actually knit them in two colours as intended!


Since the pattern itself is far from challenge, that was a fun change actually. I especially loved to pick out a colour combination, even though I had to stay within a muted colour scheme as per my uncle’s wishes. They were his birthday present after all! (As fun as these were, I’d still like to knit something other than socks for him as a Christmas gift. It’s getting repetitive.)




Pattern: Taylor’s Orange Toe-Up Socks by Jasmyn Cunningham

Yarn: Wolle RΓΆdel Oslo (worsted, 100% merino)


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