About lagrancostanza

Hello! I’m Tabea Katharina. I love knitting and sewing. I like being creative and I like wearing garments and accessories I’ve made with my own two hands. I created this blog so I could share my finished objects and find like-minded people with whom I can talk about knitting and sewing! I always enjoy exchanging thoughts, experiences and ideas, so please don’t be shy and leave a comment on a post you like, I’d be very glad to hear what you think.

Yours truly, spring 2014.

My Grandma taught me knitting many years ago and I’ve been addicted ever since. I always have four or five projects on my needles and constantly dream of all the pretty things I could make in the future! I started sewing only a few years ago after I decided I needed a red polka dot dress and didn’t find anything suitable in the stores. Isn’t it always like that?

Heinrich VI. and Constance of Sicily (Liber ad honorem Augusti, Petrus de Ebulo, 1196).

I’m aware that my blog address is almost unreadable and certainly unmemorable. I’m sorry! I still like it. In Paradiso, the third part of Dante’s “Divine Comedy”, he mentions Queen Constance of Sicily as an inhabitent of boring ol’ heaven: E quest’altro splendor che ti si mostra /da la mia destra parte e che s’accende /di tutto il lume de la spera nostra, / ciò ch’io dico di me, di sé intende; / sorella fu, e così le fu tolta / di capo l’ombra de le sacre bende. / Ma poi che pur al mondo fu rivolta / contra suo grado e contra buona usanza, / non fu dal vel del cor già mai disciolta. / Quest’è la luce de la gran Costanza / che del secondo vento di Soave / generò ’l terzo e l’ultima possanza.

I found this when researching Constance for reasons of personal geek-out-ery and started using it randomly as a username on different platforms. And yes, I do realize I’ve just outed myself as a giant nerd. 😉 In fact, I actually study this nerdy thing called history, and when I don’t knit and sew I go to university and take classes. There’s no money in that, as they say, but I enjoy it and if it doesn’t work out I plan to live on an alpaka farm to produce and sell yarn.

Old Town, Heidelberg, 2012.

English is my second language. I’m German and have lived in Heidelberg, Germany, for the past few years, a small town with a large international community situated beautifully at the Neckar river. I’ve spent some time abroad as well (in Budapest, Hungary, and in other places in Central and Eastern Europe) and plan to travel more in the future, but for now I want to concentrate on my MA degree.

Szent István bazilika, Budapest, 2011.

I’ve tried a regular update schedule as is recommended in all these wise “how to successfully blog” posts, but quite frankly I suck at being a regular updater. Lately I’ve updated whenever I’ve had enough material for another post, which I feel has resulted in an increase in quality and a decrease in stress for me. Win-win for everyone! By the way, if you want to follow me on other platforms, click on the icons below.

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